I am a Massachusetts based photographer who has always had a passion for animals. In college, I studied Animal Science and Wildlife Conservation while working at various farms and assisting at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. I filled my spare time with animal related activities such as horseback riding, showing sheep and maintaining a hobby farm of sheep, goats, chickens and pigs with some of my friends. In the years after graduation, I worked as a large animal vet tech, bred horses, and then took on a job managing a large flock of sheep. It was from this sheep farm that I adopted the inspiration for my photography, Reba.

Reba is a tri-colored Border Collie who absolutely hates having her picture taken. Photographing Reba became a challenge of figuring out ways to get quality shots where she actually looks like she is having fun. The key has been to use activities that Reba enjoys, such as playing fetch and herding sheep, to distract her from the fact that she has a camera pointed at her.

I am now focusing on capturing lasting memories of pets for others. I also spend as much time as possible helping local dog rescues by photographing adoptable dogs and I also taking pictures of animals at zoos for the Zookeepers who care for them.